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G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria)

G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria) is spin type product to extract almost all of Gram (-)/(+) Bacteria

· Simple & Fast: It takes only 20 ~ 40 minutes to extract genomic DNA Spin Column type: Extract genomic DNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation

· High purity & yield of genomic DNA can be extracted

· All enzymes for extraction (RNaseA, Lysozyme, Proteinase K) are included as dried pellet.



G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria) is designed for efficient extraction of genomic DNA from gram (-)/(+) bacteria. Usually, for genomic DNA extraction from bacteria, alcohol precipitation method is used. But it is very complicated and the purity is low. Also, homebrew protocols for extraction are too many, so it is difficult to select proper method.

G-spin™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for Bacteria) is optimized to extract genomic DNA from various bacteria and it is proven for long time  by many customers.  It can extract large size of genomic DNA efficiently by mild buffer system which makes DNA stable without DNA shearing.  Moreover, it is spin column type applied GxN technology  with  high purity and high yield and it is maximized to extract DNA for PCR, Southern blot, RAPD, Sequencing and etc.

● Applications

· Bacteria genome research

· PCR, Real time PCR

· DNA hybridization: Southern blotting, microarray

· Pathogenic bacteria detection

· Environmental research


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