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Kit 4 Micropipetas PIPETMAN G – GILSON

Premium Pipetting Comfort!

PIPETMAN G of Gilson builds a new level of comfort into the Gilson pipette range with a redesigned piston mechanism that significantly reduces the force needed to aspirate and dispense liquids; a real benefit during extended pipetting sessions which helps alleviate common hand stresses caused by repetitive actions.


The PIPETMAN G Limited Edition 4 pipette Starter Kit contains four pipettes, conveniently packaged with PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips and useful accessories:


  • 4 PIPETMAN G Pipettes: P2L, P20L, P200L, and P1000L
  • 3 racks of certified-quality PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips: D10L, D200 and D1000
  • 4 SINGLE™ pipette holders
  • 1 Gilson Guide to Pipetting

Gilson Heritage

PIPETMAN G maintains the trusted durability, accuracy and reliability of the PIPETMAN Classic. With modern adjustments to the pipette’s internal mechanics PIPETMAN G is able to offer a more comfortable and altogether lighter thumb action to the operator resulting in a more user-friendly experience for both the occasional pipetting task and the most heavily practiced techniques.

Step Forward in Comfort

Thanks to a redesigned piston assembly PIPETMAN G pipettes require some of the lowest pipetting forces to operate (3 newtons on average). This adds an ergonomic appeal to the PIPETMAN range and reduces the risk of users suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury), one of the most common pipette handling complaints.

Choose Your Style

New to the PIPETMAN G of Gilson is the choice of stainless steel or plastic tip ejectors. They are both equipped with a clip ejector for an easy and safe access to the serviceable part. Stainless steel is intended for added robustness in busy labs where accidental damage is common while the plastic tip ejectors are especially recommended for work involving corrosive substances.

Lifetime Warranty

PIPETMAN G is covered by the Gilson Lifetime Warranty.