Maxime™  PCR PreMix Kit(i-pfu)

Maxime™  PCR PreMix Kit(i-pfu) includes  i-pfu DNA Polymerase and all components (dNTP mixture, reaction buffer) for PCR which are premixed in each tube by ALHP system, that helps to minimize the pipetting error and heighten the reproducibility. Also the vacuum packaging protects the components from oxidation and humidity to maintain the stability of activity. The product requires DNA template, primer set and D.W. only for PCR and gel loading  can be done without any special treatment due to gel loading dye included.

i-pfu DNA Polymerase included in the product has 3’→5’ exonuclease activity, proof-reading and high fidelity. The error rate of this product is 1×10-6(one error per13,000 base pair).


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Proof-reading removes mismatched nucleotide inserted under the polymerization of DNA polymerase and reform it to the matched nucleotide.

It helps to get more accurate PCR product and amplify long DNA template comparing to Taq DNA Polymerase.

Pfu DNA Polymerase provide the reliable test result so that it can be used for gene cloning and expression.

Maxime™ PCR PreMix Kit(i-pfu) has high fidelity and low error rate by such functions of i-pfu DNA polymerase.

It also has high stability and reproducibility and all components are premixed in one tube for the fast and simple test for various samples.

Dried & aliquoted PreMix Kit including high purity pfu DNA Polymerase which has proofreading function for gene cloning

  • Dried & aliquoted PreMix, All-in-one product

All components for reaction in dried pellet in one tube

Direct use for PCR after adding template and primer

Gel loading dye included for Electrophoresis

  • High stability and reproducibility

Dried & aliquoted preMix by ALHP(Automatic Liquid Handling Platform) system

Protection from oxidation and humidity by vacuum packaging

  • High accuracy

Long DNA template amplification by proof-reading function

Application for gene cloning and expression

  • Low error rate

3’→5’ exonuclease activity, 1×10-6 error rate

Blunt-end Cloning available.



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