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MEGAquick-spin™ DUAL Agarose Gels & Purification Kit

MEGAquick-spin™ Total Fragment DNA Purification Kit is designed to extract DNA from both PCR product

and agarose gel. BNL Buffer include chaotropic salt to maximize the binding effect on silica membrane so

that, 60 bp to 20 Kb size isolation and purification is possible. It is designed to extract and purify long DNA

over 20kb without shearing. Most effective removal of primer dimer is implemented by this kit to make a

efficient DNA purification. pH indicator is added in BNL Buffer(Lysis Buffer) to find the pH changes for

optimized pH confirmation.




PCR Product, agarose gel DNA, DNA clean-up own functional spin type product.

· PCR Product and agarose gel DNA isolation and purification by one kit.

DNA size : 60 bp ~ 20 kb length

Recovery of PCR Product >  80 ~ 95 %

Recovery of Agarose Gel DNA > 60 ~ 90 %

· No shearing and stable purification is possible with 20Kb long fragment.

· Short fragment bypassing can intersection by column for under 100bp short fragment.

· Easily find pH changes by pH indicator. Increased lysis capacity induce gel lysis for

simple DNA recovery.


· Ligation & transformation

· Ligation & Transformation


· Labeling

· Restriction digestion

· Microarray analysis

· in vitro transcription etc.


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