Product Information

High speed micro-centrifuge range is widely used in physical and chemistry analysis, biochemistry, cellular and
molecular biology, clinical Labs and blood donation centers, and is ideal for high-end research applications:
– Sedimentation of cells and viruses
– Separation of sub-cellular organelles
– Isolation of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins or lipids


All test items are positive which according to IEC/EN 61010-1 and MCA test according to IEC/EN61010-2-20, including explosion-proof
and bio-safe tests.
– Quiet and stable operation for the lab
– High strength metal casing ensures security of centrifugal process
– Dual door interlock design for safety(D3024 & D3024R)
– Gentle braking at low speed with efficient separation
Precise control
– Brushless DC motor accelerates quickly and effortlessly to the set speed
– High accuracy of speed in ±20 rpm
– Operation can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or used in continuous mode
– Timer starts once the target speed reached, for accurate separation time
Ergonomic design
– User-friendly large LCD display shows running information
– Both RPM or G-force can be set and displayed
– The parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached.
– The short spin function is used for quick spins by pressing and holding PULSE key. The
centrifuge speed can be accelerated and held at the target speed.
– Automatic release of lid when the rotor stops to save processing time (excluding D3024R)
– Easy-to-read display and sound alerts



Powerful personal centrifuge

Dual door interlock design for safety Automatic release of the lid when rotor stops to save processing time and prevents samples overheating

High strength aluminum alloy rotor can be fully autoclaved with unlimited service life

Special multi-flow air cooling design(Patent No. 201120322916.0)helps keep lower rotor temperature

The speed symbol is rotating indicating the centrifuge is running

Set and display rotor speed is shown in RPM or G-force

Time is divided into 10 sections and displays the ratio of running to set time

Centrifuge goes into a self-diagnostic check when switched on and then displays accumulative running time and last running parameters

Unique temperature display to protect sensitive samples

The short spin function is used for quick spins by pressing and holding PULSE key

Rotor Capacity

– Bio-safe rotor/anti-sample overflow, ensures the sample does not leak in centrifugal process causing microbial contamination
– High strength aluminum alloy rotor can be fully autoclaved, for unlimited service life
– Four rotors are optional, comes with 24 place 1.5/2.0ml tubes and smaller 0.2ml and 0.5ml tubes with the use of adapters.


Max. Speed [rpm] 15000rpm (200-15000rpm), increment:10rpm
Max. RCF [×g] 21380×g, increment:10×g
Speed Accuracy [rpm] ±20
Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Rotor Capacity 5ml×18; 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/ 2ml×24; 0.5ml×36; PCR8×4
Run Time 30sec-99min-HOLD (Continuous operation)
Driving Motor Brushless DC motor
Safety Devices Dual door interlock, Over-speed detection; Over-temperature detection; Automatic internal diagnosis
Power Single-phase, AC220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 5A; AC110V-120V, 50Hz/60Hz, 8A
Noise level [dB] ≤56
Acceleration/Braking time [Sec] 25s↑25s↓
Dimensons [mm] (L)338×(D)580×(H)324
Weight 30kg
Additional Features Speed/Acceleration switch; Short-time run function; sound-alert function