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Taq Polmerasa i-Taq™ DNA PCR core Kit in high purity which is stable and effective for DNA amplification regardless the sort and reaction condition of template.

· Thermostable DNA polymerase in 94 Kda

· Taq DNA polymerasa in high purity

Removal of protein originated from E.coli and DNA as PCR contaminant source.

· Optimized buffer to highly activate polymerase regardless the sort of template and reaction condition

· High reproducibility

· Various applications for cloned DNA and human genomic DNA, etc.


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Taq Polimerasa i-Taq™

Taq Polmerasa i-Taq™ DNA included in the product is the 94KDa thermostable. DNA polymerase which is expressed in E.coli after cloning the polymerase gene of Thermus aquaticus(strain TY1). This removes protein originated from E.coli and DAN which can affect on PCR as contaminants to perform stable and effective DNA amplification. Amplifies to maximum 5 Kb with genomic DNA or cDNA, etc.

Taq Polmerasa i-Taq™ DNA is highly purified using a proprietary procedure that virtually eliminates contaminating bacterial  DNA. The enzyme provides a thermostability that meets the requirements of specialized PCR applications. A thermostable DNA polymerase exhibits very high activity in primer extension and other molecular biology application.

The product has the best polymerase activity and high reproducibility regardless of template or reaction condition by optimizing the composition of buffer.

The PCR products can be directly used for cloning of T-Vector and blunt-end vector after making blunt end.




i-Taq DNA Polimerasa