Thermo Shaker Incubator

The TMS-200 Turbo Thermo Shaker with 3000rpm is faster and more precise than other thermo-shaker devices on the market!
The TMS-200 / TMS-300 Turbo Thermo Shaker not only can blend various trace tube, PCR board, deep hole plate and microporous board laboratory commonly used consumables, still have various modules to heat the function of incubation.

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1. Thermo shaker for microplates, tubes, and glass vials
2. Fast shaking and mixing up to 3,000rpm
3. Perfectly controlled 3-dimensional mixing prevents spilling and lid wetting
4. 2 programmable soft keys, integrated vortex and short mix functions
5. Very small, light, efficient and quiet
6. Adapter plates:
● Microplates: – 96-, 384-,1536-well microplates/deepwell plates/PCR plates
● Holder: – 0.2ml PCR tubes holder, 0.5ml tubes holder,1.5/2.0ml tubes holder
– 15ml Micro tubes holder, 50ml Micro tubes holder
● Block: -10 types Aluminum blocks for user choosing




 Model  TMS-200  TMS-300
 Mixing Frequency  300~3000rpm  300~2000rpm
 Mixing Orbit  2mm  3mm
 Speed Setting Resolution  10rpm increment  10rpm increment
 Mixing Accuracy  ±25rpm  ±25rpm
 Temp. Display Accuracy  ±0.1°C  ±0.1°C
 Mixing Speed  200~1500rpm  200~1500rpm
 Heating Time(25 to 100°C)  ≤12min  ≤12min
 Temperature Accuracy
 ±0.25°C at 37°C
 ±0.5°C at 95°C
 ±0.25°C at 37°C
 ±0.5°C at 95°C
 Temperature Control Range  RT+5°C~100°C  RT+5°C~100°C
 Time Setting  1min~99h59min  1min~99h59min
 Time Setting Resolution  1min  1min
 Short-Mix Function  Yes  Yes
 Continuoues Working  Yes  Yes
 Programs Stored  2  2
 Individual Program capacity  3 steps  3 steps
 Operation Voltage  24V DC 150W  24V DC 150W
 Power Supply  AC100~240V  AC100~240V
 Dimension(mm)  230 x170 x 165  230 x170 x 165
 Net Weight  5.5kg  5.5kg